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We have an effective solution for you!
Snortec offers a simple and effective treatment against snoring and small and medium obstruction of the upper respiratory tract (small and medium apnea) during sleep: a mandibular propulsion which prevents the decline and collapse of the lower jaw during sleep keeping the airway open. Adapted to your teeth, the mandibular propellant is easy to wear and remove the mouth, allows a slight freedom of movement and is very easy to maintain.
Did you know that ...
More than 2,000 people are using this device. This mandibular propellant is recommended by specialists in pulmonology, ENT, maxillofacial surgery and other health care professionals involved in the care of ronchopathy and sleep apnea and found its effectiveness.
You are welcomed in Snortec by a specialized team. You fill out a questionnaire that is intended to assess whether it is just snoring or if there is suspicion of sleep apnea. In the case of apnea, you will be directed to specialized medical environment before considering the device. Then we proceed to a general assessment of your dental arches to ensure that they are compatible with wearing a mandibular propulsion. When all parameters are met we take impressions of your teeth used to prepare casts and make your jaw thruster mesure. One two weeks later, you return to the center for the installation and adjustment of your device. A short period of adjustment is necessary to familiarize yourself with your new device. We are at your disposal to answer your questions.
- Dental Hygienist
- Council and scaling

Thermoformed splint:

- Custom Confections and installation of device bimaxillary against snoring
- Bleaching
- Mouthguards for Sport
- Gutter protection against teeth grinding

Snortec demonstration