Why you need it!

Snoring, consequences and the solution


Generally speaking, relaxation of the pharynx muscles, the soft palate, the uvula and the tongue during deep sleep causes a narrowing of the airway; the rhinopharyngeal soft tissues then vibrate producing the characteristic snoring noise. This muscular relaxation can be so deep that it causes the airway to block completely. If this should happen, there will be repeated interruption to the breathing during the night, a condition called sleep apnoea. This problem is mainly caused by excess weight, or by the consumption of alcohol or medicines before going to sleep.


Relationship problems: eg disturbed sleep for the sufferer’s partner, etc. Pathological disorders: diurnal slumber, chronic fatigue syndrome, inattention, memory and eye disorders, nervous breakdown, irreversible cardiovascular problems.

The solution

Snortec has developed a mandibular propeller which is made to measure and which is worn during sleep in order to prevent the lower jaw from settling and receding. It allows the respiratory tracts to be kept open, thus preventing snoring. More than 1800 people are currently using it successfully. Its effectiveness has been demonstrated by medical specialists as well as by numerous patients’ testimonies. In certain cases, to be discussed with your doctor, it can be an alternative choice in the treatment of sleep apnoeas by continuous positive air pressure (CPAP).