Custom-made device against snoring and sleep apnea

Snoring is it a problem for you?
You wake up suddenly out of breath?
You stop breathing at night for a few seconds?
You fall asleep during the day involuntarily?

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Custom-made device against snoring and sleep apnea

Snoring is it a problem for you?
You wake up suddenly out of breath?
You stop breathing at night for a few seconds?
You fall asleep during the day involuntarily?


Monday – friday: 8:30 – 12:00

rue des Grottes 30
1201 Genève

Snoring – sleep apnea

The Snortec, how does the Snortec work?

The Snortec company is specialized in the development and the production of bimaxillar devices for ronchopathy, and in the treatment of sleep apnoea according to the principle of mandibular propulsion.

The company takes care of the patients in a specialized structure. By simple screening, we try to detect possible pathologies of the sleep requiring more advanced medical investigations such as oxymetry or polysomnography (PSG)

If such problems are detected, the patient will be referred to a specialist who will diagnose and suggest the appropriate treatment. Mandibular propulsion works by preventing the lower jaw from subsiding during sleep and causing a mechanical blocking of the pharynx.

The phenomenon of the muscular relaxation of the tongue and the pharynx is at the origin of the partial or complete blocking of the airways; it causes the air to move, making the soft palate vibrate and causing the snoring noise. The airways can sometimes be blocked to the point that they are completely closed, a condition called sleep apnoea. There are different reasons for this: anatomical structure, excess weight, smoking, sleep-inducing drugs, antidepressants or excessive consumption of alcohol in the evening before going to sleep.

In order to offer a simple and efficient treatment for this phenomenon, Snortec has created and developed a mandibular propeller which is under both Swiss and international patent. SNORTEC prevents the recession and the settling of the lower jaw as well as the obstruction of the superior airways. More than 2000 patients are currently using it. This device is recommended by specialized centres, pneumologists, otorhinolaryngologists, maxillofacial surgeons and other healthcare professionals who are involved in the treatment of ronchopathy and sleep apnoeas.


The customer is met at the Centre by qualified staff, and asked to fill in both a personal and a medical questionnaire.

A healthcare professional will then carry out a general evaluation of the dental arches, the jaws and the oral cavity to ensure the compatibility of the device with the patient‘s mouth. In cases where the patient is completely toothless, the application of a device is regrettably not possible, because the propeller is fitted onto teeth or implants. Following the evaluation, imprints of the jaws are taken and the relation between both jaws (inter-jaw relation) is determined.

A team of dental technicians then creates a plaster model of the jaw in order to make the propeller according to the exact shape of teeth and the position of the jaws.

When the device is ready the customer will return to the Centre to have it fitted and adjusted.

SNORTEC is adapted to the individual morphology of every patient and therefore guarantees maximum comfort with both medium- and long-term treatment.

The disappearance of snoring andor sleep apnoea is often immediate, occurring on the first night that the device is used.

By acting to prevent sleep apnoea, SNORTEC can also prevent the development of associated pathologies. Patients suffering from sleep apnoea syndrome must be monitored by their own doctor.

Snortec usage

The device must be put in the mouth before going to sleep.

A period of adaptation from one to several weeks is necessary. The precision of the device can create a light pressure on the teeth which is normal and not a cause for concern.

The device must be cleaned with active oxygen pills (they can be found with other dental cleaning products in most shops).

The Snortec, bimaxillar device

Adapted to individual morphology

Services of Snortec

  • Custom confections and installation of device bimaxillary against snoring

  • Dental impression

  • Manufacture of the Snortec device

  • Fitting and adjustment of the device

Cost of the treatment

  • Dental impression + fitting device + device: 730.- frs

The team

Pierre Arni

Pascal Baudin

Jean-Marc Chappuis